How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart

This post is about how to use New York EBT online at Walmart to shop for groceries for pickup and delivery. If you are a New York EBT cardholder and are wondering how to use your SNAP card to shop online at Walmart, we are here to help.

New York SNAP EBT recipients can now use their food stamp benefits to purchase eligible groceries online at Walmart.

In this post, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to shop online and pay with SNAP EBT for Walmart groceries.

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We will also cover:

  • EBT Online Purchasing Pilot Program
  • Walmart EBT Online Purchase Program for New York
  • How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart
  • New York EBT Card FAQs

"How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart"

EBT Online Purchasing Pilot Program

In 2017, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a pilot program for online EBT purchases.

The program allows EBT Cardholders to purchase groceries online for delivery or pick-up.

The first state to actually launch an online EBT program was New York, starting in 2019.

Since New York launched its program, more states have followed.

Walmart EBT Online Purchase Program for New York

If you have a New York EBT card, you can now purchase groceries online from Walmart for Pickup.

You can only use your EBT card to buy eligible grocery items. In addition, you cannot use your food stamps dollars to pay for delivery.

How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart

Currently, Walmart only offers online grocery purchases with EBT for curbside pick-up and not for delivery. Delivery options will be added soon. 

If you have a New York EBT Card, you will now be able to use your cards to buy groceries and select curbside pick-up.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Login to Walmart and Update Your Payment Information

The first step to purchasing groceries online with your SNAP at Walmart is to go to the Walmart Grocery website to update your payment information.

Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your Walmart pickup & delivery account (
  • Select Payment Methods.
  • If your local store accepts EBT Online, you’ll see an option to add your EBT card to your account (see image below).
  • Add your card information, then click Save Card.

By connecting your EBT card to your account, you’ll be able to use EBT Online with no-basket minimums.

Note: It may take 24 hours for the no-basket minimum to take effect on your account.

"Use New York EBT Online at Walmart"

Step 2 – Build your shopping cart & check out

Once your payment information is updated, start adding SNAP EBT eligible items to your cart.

Upon viewing your cart, you’ll see the total for EBT-eligible items.

After reviewing, select Checkout to proceed.

"Use New York EBT Online at Walmart - 1"

Step 3 – Pay with your New York EBT card

On the Select payment method screen, select the checkbox to pay with EBT.

Next, enter the EBT food or EBT cash amount you’d like to use (see the image below).

If your EBT funds can’t cover the entire order, you can split the remaining amount with a personal debit or credit card.

Once you’re finished entering a payment method(s), select Continue for the next step.

"Use New York EBT Online at Walmart - 2"

Step 4 – Place your order

Next, you will be directed to an external page to enter your PIN (see the image below).

Please note that the numbers on the pin pad will shuffle after each entry for security purposes.

Once you’ve entered your PIN, you’ll be linked back to Walmart to Complete your Order.

"Use New York EBT Online at Walmart - 3"

Step 5 – Delivery or Pickup

You have two options to get your Walmart online order: curbside pick-up or delivery.

See below for instructions on how to pick up your order or when to expect delivery if that’s the option you selected.

Curbside Pickup

If you selecting curb-side pickup, here’s how to pick up your order.

"Pay with EBT online at Walmart"


Please wait until you receive an email from Walmart stating your order is ready before going to the store for pickup.

Check-in with the Walmart app to let Walmart know you’re on your way.

If you don’t have the Walmart app, you can call the store directly. Find the phone number under the store’s address in your Ready for Pickup email.

Designated Pick-up Locations

Some Walmart locations now have designated pickup locations, as shown above.

When you arrive at the pickup location, you will park in a reserved parking space marked in orange for Grocery Pickup customers.

Once in the spot, call the designated number to alerts an associate of your arrival.

You can also check-in through the Walmart Grocery app. An associate will quickly retrieve the prepared order and load it into your car.

"EBT Grocery pickup at Walmart"

Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart currently partners with local, third-party drivers to bring your order right to your door.

When your order is picked up, Walmart will send you an email letting you know the driver is on their way.

If you’re satisfied with your delivery experience, you can leave feedback and add a tip for your driver.

New York EBT Card FAQs

Here is a list of our most frequently asked about the New York EBT Card Grocery shopping online at Walmart.

Walmart FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about shopping with an EBT card online at Walmart.

Does Walmart accept both SNAP EBT and Cash Assistance EBT for online transactions?

Yes, Walmart accepts both SNAP EBT and Cash Assistance EBT (TANF) for online transactions.

Can I use EBT Online to place both pickup & delivery orders?

Yes, you can use your EBT card to shop online at Walmart for pickup and delivery at participating Walmart stores.

Can I check out using multiple forms of payment?

Yes, you have the option to split your payment between an EBT card and another form of payment when you shop online at Walmart.

What can I purchase with SNAP EBT at Walmart?

You can buy the following items with your EBT Card at Walmart:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meats, fish, and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Seeds and plants (that produce food for the household to eat)

Why is my EBT Card not working online at Walmart?

If you are trying to use your EBT card online at Walmart and can’t seem to work, here’s what you need to know:

There are a number of reasons why your EBT is not working at Walmart, either online or in a physical store.

However, the most likely explanation is that your EBT card has expired.

Regarding online shopping, the most common reason EBT doesn’t work is that Walmart’s online server is down.

If the server happens to be done, try submitting your order again within an hour.

New York EBT FAQs

Here is a list of our most frequently asked about the New York EBT Card & SNAP benefits.

What is the New York EBT Phone Number?

Here’s the number to call if you are trying to reach New York EBT Customer Service:


You can call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. 

You can call the New York EBT Phone Number to:

  • Check your SNAP or cash account balance information.
  • Hear your last ten transactions.
  • Request a printed 2-month statement of your account history.
  • File a claim if you suspect that a transaction error occurred.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Report damaged, lost, or stolen cards, and request a replacement card be mailed to you.

Can I buy deli food with New York SNAP EBT?

You are not allowed to use New York SNAP to buy food you can eat at the premises or hot food in general.

You are only allowed to buy food you are taking home to prepare.

Therefore, when it comes to Deli foods, you cannot buy hot food from the deli or prepared foods like mac n cheese, chicken or sandwiches, stuff from the salad bar.

However, you can buy deli meats and cheeses and cold uncooked items from the deli with your New York SNAP EBT card as long as you are going to take them home to prepare.

Furthermore, some delis that take New York SNAP will display items that are eligible.

How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart Summary

We hope this post on How to Use New York EBT Online at Walmart was helpful to you!

If you have more questions about your New York EBT or SNAP Benefits, please let us know in the comments section below.

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