In the state of New York, there are currently 1.6 million households receiving SNAP benefits or Food Stamps, with about 2.8 million New Yorkers receiving benefits in January 2022 alone. If you are currently receiving SNAP benefits in New York, knowing when your food stamps will be deposited into your EBT card is important in helping you budget for the month. In this post, we will provide the New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April 2022, including deposit dates for NYC and upstate New York.

See the NY EBT Schedule for May.

"New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April"

New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April 2022

In the state of New York, each county distributes SNAP benefits to those who qualify.

In addition, there is no single date on which all SNAP benefits are issued.

Instead, in all counties except NYC, benefits are sent out over the first 9 days of every month, based on the last digit of your case number.

New York City residents receive benefits on a different schedule.

See below for the SNAP payment schedule for NYC and upstate New York for April 2022.

New York City Residents – SNAP Issuing Schedule

As mentioned above, SNAP Benefits for NYC recipients are deposited based on a completely different schedule from the rest of the state.

The actual dates change from month to month.

When you receive your benefits depends on the last digit of your case number, otherwise known as “Toe Digit”. 

Benefits are issued during the first two weeks of the month, on days that are not Sundays or holidays.

See the schedule below for April 2022:

Toe Digit
SNAP Benefits are deposited on
0April 1
1April 4
2April 5
3April 6
4April 7
5April 8
6April 11
7April 12
8April 13
9April 14

All NY Counties Except New York City

For the rest of the state, when your food stamps benefit is deposited on your EBT Card depends on the last digit of your case number.

Benefits are available on Weekends and Holidays.

Any remaining balance on your EBT card is added to the next month’s balance.

Here is the schedule of payment based on the last digit of your case number:

All NY Counties Except New York City

All Counties Except NYC
If your Case Number ends inSNAP Benefits are deposited on
0 or 1April 1
2April 2
3April 3
4April 4
5April 5
6April 6
7April 7
8April 8
9April 9

How much will I get in New York Food Stamps?

The chart below shows the maximum SNAP benefits you can get based on the number of people in your household.

To calculate the exact amount you are likely to get based on your household income, see our post on New York SNAP Calculator.

Household SizeMaximum SNAP Allotment
For each additional member over 8$188

Food Stamps: April Benefits for New York Recipients

All SNAP households should receive their April benefits according to schedule.

If you did not receive your food stamps on schedule, call the SNAP office to find out why.

You can use your SNAP benefits to shop online, including on Amazon.

Additionally, you can use them to purchase produce at farmers’ markets, including markets that offer double bucks (Health Bucks in New York City).

Budget for New York Rent relief to Increase

Leaders of New York’s Democratic-controlled Legislature want to boost funding for housing, child care and home care in this year’s budget.

The Assembly and Senate propose adding at least $1 billion in funding to New York’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which has run out of money.

The state originally received $2.4 billion in federal funding for the program, which helps landlords and tenants struggling with unpaid back rent and utilities amid the pandemic.

Hochul recently asked the U.S. Treasury for $1.6 billion in more funds. But the state received $119 million in the latest re-allocation round, on top of $27 million previously.

Also, New York would expand access to subsidized child care to households earning up to 500% of the federal poverty level — $138,750 for a family of four.

Additionally, the Assembly’s plan includes over $3 billion in child care investments to expand eligibility for subsidies from the current 200% level to 400% over three years.

New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April 2022 Summary

Here’s the bottom line about New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April 2022:

SNAP households in all counties outside of New York City should have their SNAP deposits between April 1st – April 9th.

Those SNAP households in the five-borough New York City region should see their benefits issues from April 1st – April 14th.


We hope this post on New York SNAP Payment Schedule for April was helpful.

If you have further questions about New York SNAP or EBT Card, please let us know in the comments section below.

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